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University Center
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

The University Center is the centerpiece of the campus, focusing on students, and representing the best of what the future has to offer both academically and technologically. The Center provides multiple use rooms, activity and development areas, centralized space for student services, space for expanded retail services, the primary campus food service facility and an assembly area for major events. The building is three stories in height thereby allowing for functional zoning of the facility operations. The most active areas are at ground level with quieter activities at the top floor. The second and third floors are organized overlooking the student commons, creating opportunity for views and informal gatherings.


The five story tall commons area serves as the every-day dining faclility and special occasion activity area. Exterior materials were chosen to knit both the older and newer buildings on campus. Outdoor spaces provide opportunity for live concerts, for dining or lounging.

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