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Solomon Coles Classroom Building
Del Mar College - Corpus Christi, Texas

This three-story building consists of four interlocked components, totaling 82,500 SF. Each interior function of the building is defined on the exterior through various architectural elements. The main block consists of various-sized classrooms. The three stacked large lecture rooms with tiered floors and fixed seating are defined by curved walls on the exterior, juxtaposed to the body of the building. The faculty offices and departmental suites extend like an arm that points to the center of the campus. All these elements are brought together by a four story high Atrium commons area. The atrium features the primary pedestrian entries, a sculptural monumental stair, second and third floor overlooks, and clearstory windows.

All general and specific-use classrooms are designed for maximum flexibility of class size, furniture arrangement, and instructional philosophy. Each classroom is set up to accommodate current standards related to audio/visual and computer/data instructional aids and are planned for lighting and wiring flexibility to accommodate future developments in educational methodology.

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