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High School Renovation
Flour Bluff Independent School District

The focus of this project was to improve security at the main entrance to the building by designing a controlled access entry and renovating space for District Police officers.  Another key component to the project was to renovate a large shop space into classrooms and update part of the shop space to be used for a partnership with Del Mar College Carpentry Trade program.  Another requirement of the renovation was update four classrooms which had not been updated since they were built in 1966.  One other scope item was to replace the ceiling in one of the major corridors of the school with new ceiling and energy-efficient LED light fixtures.


The District also wanted to make improvements to the two courtyards which have no direct access to outside the school.  These courtyards are heavily trafficked by students throughout the day.  Both courtyards received concrete pavers and decomposed granite to encourage outdoor classroom activity and social gatherings by making the spaces more usable.

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